Flower Essences

Sadness, grief, confusion, guilt, fear, anger…

Studies confirm that emotions are major contributing factors in acute and chronic illness. The field of psychoneuroimmunology is a fascinating one, and many researchers have studied the effects of emotions on acute and chronic illness. Psychological stress can contribute to longer illnesses, a higher risk for infection, and slower wound healing1. Negative emotions can also cause oxidative stress, which may result in impaired detoxification pathways, increased cholesterol, and more. Another study states: “The endocrine system [consisting of organs and glands which release hormones directly into the blood] serves as one central gateway for psychological influences on health; stress and depression can provoke the release of pituitary and adrenal hormones that have multiple effects on immune function”2. Our bodies are designed in amazing ways! It is fascinating to discover how the body functions. 

During these current times of economic, social and political unrest, stress abounds. How do you respond to stress?

Flower Essence Combinations are homeopathic medicines that target emotions related to organs, nutritional deficiencies and body systems. These are a positive supportive product that address stress in a healthy, helpful way. They are not to replace a healthy diet by any means, but they have a great potential to support your body and emotions in ways that you need.

Flower Essences, like the name suggests, are extracts taken from the flowering part of a plant. Unlike essential oils, Flower Essences have no physical part of the flower in them, and have no smell. They come in liquid form, and are taken by a dropper in the mouth. Studies have shown that Flower Essences reduce anxiety and support your body’s ability to respond to environmental stressors3. In one study, participants also noted that they experienced better sleep patterns, decreased headaches, and a better ability to respond to stress4.

Nutrition 16:24 now offers a line of Flower Essences. I’ll list a few of them here. However, there are a total of 19 different flower combinations targeting various emotions and health issues. 

#19 STRNG-MND (epiphysis, pancreas, liver, stomach, spleen, kidneys, heart, endocrine

For temporary relief of minor symptoms related to sadness, grief, and internal emotional tension.
– Sadness, despondency, inner emotional tension

#20 VTLTY (adrenals, thyroid, pancreas, limbic system)

For the relief of symptoms such as deep, inner tiredness resulting from prolonged emotional struggles, grief, or anxieties. Helps restore emotional vitality.
– Emotional conflicts, fear of facing new challenges

#22 SOMATICA (pineal gland, autonomic nervous system)

For the relief of symptoms related to fear, repressed emotions, and tension held in the muscles and organs. Lethargy, confusion, inattentiveness and daydreaming. Floating sensation as if anesthetized.
– Lack of grounding and practicality, somatic effects due to repressed feelings

As you can see from the descriptions, the essences address deep seated emotions and thoughts. 

Each of these flower combinations has specific homeopathic flower extracts to address particular emotions, and there are many more available to address your unique, special needs and circumstances.

There may be a flower essence that would be extremely helpful and supportive to your mind and body.
Visit us at Nutrition 16:24 to learn more about how you may benefit from these remedies.


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