About Nutrition 16:24

Doctor Restuccia Barton, D.C., is a Doctor of Chiropractic with an ongoing commitment to research in her field. She became intimately familiar with chronic illness as a child when she watched her mother suffer from acute episodes of anaphylaxis, and later ovarian cancer. This coupled with a childhood spent traveling extensively in third world countries led to a deep inquiry into root causes of dysfunctional health and a lifetime commitment to helping people overcome it.

She graduated from Life West Chiropractic College West in 1993 with a doctorate degree and began post graduate studies in functional nutrition, natural alternative remedies, blood chemistry analysis, neuroendocrine imbalances, immunology and brain/gut connection. Nine years ago, she began a functional health and wellness practice in Ripon, CA, utilizing various testing modalities, natural supplements, and nutritional protocols to assist patients with fundamental nutritional needs.

A vital part of her education over the years has come from her own experience with Chronic Lyme Disease.

While the healing journey has been long and arduous, it has given me experiential understanding, compassion and empathy for those who suffer, an experience that is lacking in formal education. I am able to relate to patients fears, uncertainties, and in some cases hopelessness regarding health.

Dr. Barton

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