Assessment Tools

Nutrition 16:24 offers a variety of assessment tools to help Dr. Barton identify the areas of your body that need support. Once they have been identified, nutritional supplements will be suggested to help support those areas for overall health and wellness. These assessments can be sought individually, or can be part of an ongoing health plan designed by Dr. Barton to meet a patients individual needs.

Zyto Elite B

The ZYTO test uses galvanic skin response to help inform your wellness decisions by providing readings directly from your body. The end result is organized biosurveys of your skin.

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Morphogenic Field Technique

Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) works with the energy emanating from and surrounding the body. This is the morphogenic field (M-field). Inanimate objects have one as well, but theirs is constant, whereas those of living organisms are dynamic, expanding or contracting, depending on personal environmental factors.

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Heart Sound Recorder

The Heart Sound recorder is a computer based Low Risk, General Wellness Heart Stress Monitor used to acquire, display, record and save heart sounds. It helps us visualize the rate, rhythm and tone of the heart cycle. This can be used to compare current and previous heart cycle waveforms before and after analysis. Breaks up scar tissue restoring freedom to the body’s energy flow

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