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Thermography at Nutrition 16:24

Thermography is a painless, non-invasive, radiation-free health screening tool designed to take the temperature of your skin’s surface, up to 5cm deep. Our infrared cameras are FDA-cleared full adjunctive breast cancer screening, cerebrovascular, neuromuscular & thyroid screening. “The Truth about Thermography…Thermography, also known as… Continue Reading “Thermography at Nutrition 16:24”

True Rife with Essential Oils

In case you have not seen our article about True Rife Therapy, please click here. For those who are already familiar and intrigued about this specialized tool, we hope you find this additional information just as exciting as we do! There are several ways… Continue Reading “True Rife with Essential Oils”

CBD Oil: How It Works And Why Your Functional Medicine Practitioner Is On Board

Let’s talk holistic for a moment. When it comes to the health and wellness industry, it is a word that has certainly made its presence throughout the market. But what is “holistic” trying to say? It’s telling us that there’s more to being healthy… Continue Reading “CBD Oil: How It Works And Why Your Functional Medicine Practitioner Is On Board”

What To Look For In Your Echinacea Supplement

The science of Echinacea- MediHerb’s research Professor Kerry Bone, MediHerb Director of Research and Development, has always believed that a key aspect to modern use of botanicals is a respect for traditional wisdom of plant therapy. Kerry and his research team at MediHerb began… Continue Reading “What To Look For In Your Echinacea Supplement”

Know Before You Go: Vaccination Resources

The debate over vaccinations can be sensitive. Nutrition 16:24 believes in the power to make your own informed decision. However, increasing regulations are being made by lawmakers which ultimately makes it difficult to decide for yourself if vaccinations are right for you and your… Continue Reading “Know Before You Go: Vaccination Resources”

TrueRife Therapy

About this therapy: TrueRife therapy is a frequency based tool that targets conditions within your body using a specific wave frequency. Dr. Royal Rife created this device in the 1920’s based on the principle that all micro-organisms carry a unique frequency (energy). TrueRife machines… Continue Reading “TrueRife Therapy”

Elimination Diet

Figure out your body one food at a time.