Crystal Mello

Crystal Mello is a retired Stanislaus County Manager who has a passion for wellness and a heart for serving others. Her own wellness journey has given her a unique perspective on alternative methods of healing and maintaining wellness.

In 2015, Crystal found herself in desperate need of healing. She had been diagnosed with many different illnesses and felt her life slipping away. An extensive blood panel revealed that she was indeed in danger of a potentially life-ending heart attack and stroke and needed to do something immediately. Having watched her mother suffer through her illness and seeing what mainstream medicine had to offer, she chose a different path. Instead of going the traditional medical route, she decided to seek alternative methods to become well. Choosing a different path to wellness was the only option in her view. She sought advice from her Physicians Assistant. at her Doctors office, her Chiropractor, and the internet and found an alternative called Functional Medicine. The decision to follow her heart and go the Functional Medicine route would change her life in ways she could never have imagined. In a matter of six months, she went from sickness and utter despair to a level of wellness she had not experienced in decades.

Today, Crystal is still walking in wellness and following what she learned from the Functional Medicine protocol she followed. She is on a new journey to share her story with others and help them find their own wellness through proper nutrition and whole food supplementation.
She is always searching and finding new and different alternatives to share with those looking for a different path. She is committed to helping others gain the knowledge and information they need in order to identify the best course of action to take in order to find the wellness they seek and deserve.

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