TrueRife Therapy

About this therapy:

TrueRife therapy is a frequency based tool that targets conditions within your body using a specific wave frequency. Dr. Royal Rife created this device in the 1920’s based on the principle that all micro-organisms carry a unique frequency (energy). TrueRife machines have the ability to resonate with harmful microbe frequencies to destroy them, and is also capable of matching frequencies with healthy cells to replicate and stimulate repair.

Using different mechanisms such as light, sound, and physical contact, there are dozens of frequency combinations TrueRife can use to communicate with your body and its targeted areas. With hundreds of programs integrated to the machine, each person can expect a unique experience that is catered to their health needs.

At Nutrition 16:24 we provide a relaxing ambiance with therapeutic music and dim lights to compliment your TrueRife therapy. Complete with a large reclining chair and soft blankets, it is not only a service but an experience that is dedicated to your healing.


  • improved immune response
  • detoxification
  • pain relief
  • promotes relaxation
  • increases energy
  • diminishes anxiety
  • and more…
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