True Rife with Essential Oils

In case you have not seen our article about True Rife Therapy, please click here.

For those who are already familiar and intrigued about this specialized tool, we hope you find this additional information just as exciting as we do! There are several ways to create an individualized therapy experience with True Rife given the countless programs to select from, the multiple attachments to use, and the frequency in which we use them.

Nutrition 16:24 is happy to share with our clients another way to enhance their True Rife session and path towards healing. That is with the use of essential oils. True Rife company has partnered with Aroma Essentials to create oil blends specific to the 32 Body Function Programs included with the rife machine. There are many ailments that can be supported with the programs and paired essential oils, such as joint pain, thyroid dysfunction, and even emotional unbalance.

The aroma of the oils add the perfect touch to an already healing ambience of soft lighting and warm colors. Blended specifically to complement the frequencies used from the machine, each bottle was curated skillfully and highly specific to the programs. You can expect to find ingredients such as lavender, helichrysm, cypress, juniperberry, basil, orange, cinnamon and so much more.

Aroma Essentials works with a privately-owned family company that uses only therapeutic grade oils free of pesticides and any synthetics. These same oils are also being used in hospitals, pharmacies, and many clinical offices alike. There are many ways to use these oils and integrate them into your daily routine. Come for a quick visit and find out which ones could be right for you and your journey in wellness.

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